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BIG SALE 30 % ! Closing the shop !

Unfortunately are we compelled to close our shop. In relation to that have we started a discount 30 % off from all prices. Our prices have never been implemented with wofregoing raising of prices, like it is a habit of  general sales world. The prices in our shop and webpage have been there before discounts […]

White extendable dining table and eight chairs for SALE.

Beautiful dining table in rococo style (Louis XV) had first an ordinary oak-color , but it needed a little bit renovating because of some stains on the top. The top of the table and extensions are done with OSMO. The oaken frame of the table was painted with chalk paints and waxed. The top is […]

New opening-hours in our antique furniture store !

From the 28th of May have we new opening hours in our antique furniture shop  (Peterburi tee 65) . Now are we open in beginning of the week shorter time and on the weekends longer hours. New opening hours are:   On Sunday, Monday and Tuesday   11 – 15, On Thursday  12 – 19, On […]

Two black armchairs with velvet cover and decorated in silver colors.

Two white armchairs got a renovation by order of a customer. Originally did the chairs look like this: The chairs were cleaned and colored in black and silver tones:,   after that  got they the new upholstery  : and finally a new velvet tufted cover : . Altogether got the chairs quite interesting look thanks […]

Old chair in oaken frame, in rococo style.

This beautifully carved oaken chair with armrests was for first in very bad condition. The chair has been dismounted, cleaned, glued, and painted in white. But the white color did´nt accent the nice carving of this chair and the  grain of oaken wood was hidden. Because of that was white paint changed to simple clear […]